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Jen Labesky GritChicks Zion Retreat


from one badass woman to another... welcome

 author, Run coach, founder of gritchicks, team gritchicks & gritchicks retreats

Hello my badass sister!

Jen Labesky

I'm Jen Labesky, Author, Run Coach, and founder of GritChicks®️, Team GritChicks & GritChicks Retreats. 


Like many women, I've spent most of my life allowing everyone else's opinions of what I "should" be doing to control my life.

Deep down, I always knew that I was capable of more, but I was so caught up in trying to be everything to everyone that I didn't have the time to devote, or even the slightest clue how to figure out what I wanted for ME.

Between the pressure to be what others expected, and the fear of disappointing people, I ended up simply going through the motions in life, feeling lost and empty inside.


(Sound familiar?)

Sister, life is WAY too precious to live in fear or to allow our journeys to be directed by other people's "shoulds."

You see, living from a place of authenticity gifts us a sense of freedom, fearlessness, power and purpose. I can't wait to walk beside you as your discover your OWN path.

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GritChicks®️ is a community of authentic women committed to supporting one another on our journeys toward OWNING our strength.


We are a community where all women feel supported in pushing our limits and discovering the power that has been inside us all along, in running AND in life. 

When you join our private Facebook group, you are FAMILY.

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GritChicks Zion Retreat Participants

My Novel

AND THEN SHE FLEW is a story of how life can shatter into a million pieces, splintering our wings. But with love, the pieces can come together again, and even broken wings can fly.

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