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A Letter to the Women who Give Us Wings

Something powerful happens when women come together to support and build each other up, when competition ends and love begins. It's truly magical. When we walk together side by side, we become unstoppable.

Many people come and go in our lives, but the power of a woman to understand, to support, to love, is unlike any other.

I've been blessed by some incredible friends in my life, and I am who I am today in part because of the love and strength they have given me. I wrote this letter for one friend in particular, who has been a shining light for me during my darkest days this last year.

If you have a friend who does the same for you, I urge you to tell them.

Share this letter with them or write your own, but tell them. Now.

So often we think the people who love us know that we appreciate them. We just assume they know. But life is so short and so precious; let’s not miss any chances in this life to say thank you.

I’m starting with this:

My beautiful friend,

I know I don’t say it enough, so I want to say it now.

You are more than a friend, more than a sister. You are part of me, and so many times you have been the very BEST part of me.

When no one believes in my (sometimes wacky) goals, you don’t bat an eye. You slide right up next to me, wrap your arm in mine and say “When do we start?”

And when I fall, you are there to pick me right back up, smack my butt and say “Onward! Keep moving!”

You have loved me in my most unlovable moods, and you check on me when I go silent, somehow instinctively knowing I’m struggling.

When I forget who I am, you remind me.

When I’m lost in the dark, you bring me a lantern, and you sit beside me to make sure my eyes re-adjust to the light.

You see my beauty when all I see are my flaws, and you mirror my perfection back to me until I see it too.

Your support and love have never faltered, and I am stronger today than I ever dreamed I could be, because you believed in me so hard that I finally began to believe in me too.

You are my kind of crazy, and I love you. Thank you for loving me too.


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