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Coming Alive After Dark Times

There’s something so magical about springtime – a palpable energy in the air - new life after months of seeming dormancy, where it felt as if nothing was happening, and we were just holding on through the cold and dark until we could come alive again.

It’s a lot like the feeling when we’re in a slump or a dark period in our lives - as if for weeks or months or even years, we’ve been stuck – unmotivated, lost, burned out, or heartbroken…

We all go through phases where it feels like our goals - sometimes even our whole lives - are on hold.

And then spring returns, and our eyes open to all the possibility around us, our hearts start to beat with passion again, and we feel the energy we thought we had lost.

But while this is surely a time for celebration, I think it’s important that we take a look at the winter too - the “stuck” time, the darkness, the lack of drive or the heartbreak we went through - to find the buried treasures there.

Here’s why:

That time when it felt like everything was tired, dark or on hold was not actually a period of dormancy, it was a critical phase of germination, readying us for the glorious growth we are about to experience.

You see, just like plants that seem to die off and disappear over the winter months, we too go through phases where we pull back – sometimes naturally and sometimes because our hearts have simply endured too much. But those times are not wasted. In fact, without the months of quiet darkness beneath the soil, the eventual blooming would be impossible.

Our goals and dreams are the same way.

Those times when we feel lost and have no idea what matters to us, or we know, but we can’t find the motivation to even take the first step… Important work is going on inside us, even when it seems like nothing’s happening.

It is during the winter months that plants are resting, absorbing everything around them, storing up the strength to explode to life when the time is right…

We are no different. Our “winters” are not wasted time.

They gift us time to rest, to allow our passions and desires to germinate under the surface, to absorb necessary information and create the quiet space for what matters most to us to rise to the surface…

so we can explode to life with full strength and clarity of purpose when spring returns.

So, as we enter this glorious time of new growth, endless possibilities and energy, remember…

Our winters are what brought us here, and as such, they are a critical part in our journeys.

And when, as it always does, winter comes around again, we will see it for what it truly is – a priceless part of our growth.

Happy blooming, my friend.

Xx Jen

p.s. If you know someone who needs this message right now, please share it with her.

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