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COROS APEX Pro Premium Multisport Watch REVIEW

COROS APEX Pro Premium Multisport Watch REVIEW!! (Click here to buy)

First, let me be clear that COROS sent me this watch to review, but they were EMPHATIC that the opinions were to be 100% mine. And so they are: (spoiler alert – there is very little not to love about this watch!)


Hands down, the most incredible feature of the Apex Pro is the INSANE battery life. I charged this sucker on 8/1 to 100% to see how long it would go. I’ve worn it non-stop, including a week exploring the trails in Asheville, NC, and used it for my usual 5 days of running + 4 strength sessions per week – and 16 days later it’s STILL at 7%! Mind. Blown.

According to the COROS website, the battery will last 40 hours in full GPS mode, and 100 hours in Ultramax mode… So someday when I finally tackle that 100 miler, I’ll be set!

Next, the app is amazing! It took a little getting used to, but I am now able to look up so much data that my inner geek is in heaven. Simply upload the activity to the app after your run and check out all the data including pace, stride length, cadence, heart rate, elevation gain, training load & more!

Something else I love is that I can create and download different speed workouts straight to my watch, just like my old Garmin. BUT!!! Not only can I set my intervals based on pace, I can also set them based on heart rate! This is HUGE when the weather is as hot and humid as it has been lately. Rather than killing myself trying to hit a prescribed pace, I can set it to keep me at a pace that keeps my heart rate in a certain zone. Pretty dang nifty!

Speaking of geeking out - If you’re like me and constantly wanting to improve running form, the APEX Pro has a metronome feature, which beeps to help you time your footfalls, and the cadence and stride length data to analyze after your run.

There are so many different modes on this watch, it’s mind-blowing: Run, indoor run, trail run (which utilizes a 3D distance calculation to adjust for vert), track run (which I didn’t try out, but other reviews have said it’s incredibly accurate on distance tracking). There is a strength training mode, hike, bike, indoor bike, gym cardio, mountain climbing, swimming, open water, windsurfing, rowing, and so many more! I’ve only used the run, indoor run (treadmill), trail run and whitewater settings during the two weeks I’ve had it but have found it to be very accurate.

As far as the toughness of this watch – the only real test I put it through was accidentally dropping it HARD, face down, on a stone floor. I heard the dreaded “crack” and picked it up fearing the worst… not a scratch!

Also, it’s a really nice looking watch! I was afraid it would be too big on my small wrist, but it fits just like my old Garmin 235.

Another cool feature is that in navigation/map mode, the screen is touchscreen. I didn’t get around to using this on the trail, but I can’t wait to try it out at our Zion retreat in May!

Honestly, there are so many cool things about this watch, that I could write a novel. But alas, I must mention the cons.


The price tag could be prohibitive, but fear not! The lower priced APEX has many of the same great features with only a slightly shorter battery life!

I didn’t like that I had to turn the dial “just right” before stopping my run. BUT!!! Through one of the numerous online help videos, I was able to figure out how to turn that off in settings. I assume it’s the default to keep us from accidentally hitting it and pausing a workout, but that’s a risk I would rather take than having to fuss with the dial on the run.

Also, mine came with the nylon band, which I will say is SO comfortable, and able to adjust just right. But I don’t like how long it takes for that band to dry out after a rainy run, so I will be paying the $29 for the more typical silicone band. I have a feeling that some people really like the nylon band, so I suppose this isn’t actually a “con,” but more of a personal preference.

One other thing I noticed, which isn’t an issue for me since I run with my phone, but there is no music support, if that’s something you want in a watch.

I’m sure as I get to know the APEX Pro better, and continue exploring the seemingly endless features, I will find a few more pros and cons, but these are the details I’ve discovered so far!

All in all, I absolutely love this watch, and I am grateful for the opportunity to #exploreperfection

Click here to buy the APEX or APEX Pro!

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