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ready, fire, aim!

Jack Canfield is one of my absolute favorite motivational authors. In his book, Success Principles, he makes a powerful point that “too many people spend their whole life aiming and never firing.”

How true is that?!

We tell ourselves we’ll tackle that goal, take the leap, go for our dream “once we’ve got it all figured out.” We plan, we daydream, we think of every possible place where we could run into trouble, and we try to come up with solutions to problems that haven’t even happened (and might never happen at all!)

We measure and recalculate and re-plan, trying to “figure it all out first.”

We aim and re-aim over and over… but we never FIRE!

Jack proposes that we should FIRE first, knowing we likely WON’T hit the bullseye the first (or second or third) time, BUT we'll walk away with priceless, specific feedback, knowing exactly where we need to adjust the next time we fire.

And if we DON'T fire? We won’t have the information we need to eventually hit that bullseye. We’ll simply be wasting time and energy planning for things that may or may not even be relevant.

Taking the leap toward our goal isn’t a one and done. Very few people actually FIRE and hit the bullseye the first time. But the ones who eventually DO hit the bullseye are the ones who take the most shots, learning from each one and using that valuable information to zero in on their bullseye.

I’m gonna say that again!

The ones who eventually DO hit the bullseye are the ones who take the most shots.

So don't worry about missing when you fire! Know that you probably will! Can you feel the release of pressure in understanding that? Let yourself let go of the pressure to succeed right off the batt. Missing is a critical fact-finding part of the road to success!

Here's the deal - If we’re perpetually aiming, we never give ourselves a fighting chance to hit that bullseye. It’s like wondering why we don’t win the lottery when we never buy a ticket.

Something else happens when we FIRE before we’ve “got it all figured out:"

We create momentum.

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to MAINTAIN a fitness routine than it is to start (or re-start) one after a long time off? The same is true for any goal.

“An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

~ Sir Isaac Newton

In the case of creating momentum toward our goals, WE create that “unbalanced force” by FIRING, starting BEFORE we’re ready, jumping in and allowing the momentum to sweep us up like a gushing river and carry us along in the direction of our goal. Lightening our steps and empowering us with the energy and feedback to KEEP GOING, even when we smack up against rocks and logs along the way.

If, instead, we stay on the riverbank planning, re-calculating, catastrophizing… aiming but never firing… that’s exactly where we’ll stay – on the sidelines, wondering when the time will finally be "right" for us to hit the bullseye.

So, my friend, I share this with you today as your “unbalanced force,” nudging you to take the shot toward your goal!

Start now, BEFORE you feel ready…

And TRUST that you WILL figure it out.

You always do.

Xx Jen

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