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Step into your power

Welcome glorious spring! Our arms are open wide… our faces tilted up to the sun… We’re ready to walk into the sunlight. We’re ready to step into our power.

For the last two weeks I’ve focused on winters – the cold, dark, “stuck” times in our lives – and how critical the germination happening inside us is during those times. Our “winters,” painful as they can be, are often beautiful new beginnings in disguise.

That season of new beginnings has arrived.

That season of new beginnings is now.

Whether an exciting new goal or a complete life overhaul, our springtime is now.

And we’re ready.

We're armed with the gifts that have been germinating.

It is because of the dark times that we recognize our light, our strength and our power.

It is because we have endured and overcome setbacks and struggles that we now have first-hand, undeniable evidence that we are capable of ANYTHING we set our hearts and minds to.

That voice of self-doubt can no longer argue that we don’t have what it takes, because we’ve lived it and we’ve come out the other side more powerful than ever.

Now we know.

We’ve FELT our power.

And now it’s time to step into it and OWN it.

You see, our power has been inside us all along.

This glorious season of new growth, of endless possibility and energy is OUR time to step into our springtime.

Whether it’s that dream we’ve kept tucked safely away or reinventing our entire lives from the ground up, we now KNOW that we have the power to make it happen.

We now know that there is nothing that can stop us if we commit all of our magnificent energy and power to it.

One of the reasons we chose Sedona for our next GritChicks retreat is because of the healing, rejuvenating, EMPOWERING energy available to all who spend time there.

Everything we feel is magnified in the midst of the sacred energy vortexes of Sedona. What a perfect opportunity to take all the power we’ve been building and allow it to explode to life.

As I said last week:

Springtime is a magical season, because it serves as a reminder, every single year, that no matter how challenging things have been, we have everything we need inside us to blossom into the magnificent version of ourselves that’s been germinating inside us all along.

It’s time, my friend.

It’s time to stop denying and running from our power.

It’s time to use that power to do what our hearts have been quietly begging us to do all along.

All the glorious power you could ever need is inside you.

It always has been.

Xx Jen

If you know someone who needs this message today, please share this with her.

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