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Success’ Simple “Secret”

Have you ever wondered why it seems like some people have so much more ease in reaching success with their goals than others? Do they have some special talent? Some secret advantage?

Sure, in some cases they might. But in most cases, they don’t have any more talent or advantage than the rest of us.

So what’s their secret?

Yes, hard work and discipline play a role, but we all work hard. So what gives?

Here’s the difference, the one thing that I believe is the ULTIMATE tool in their success:

They understand that when it comes to success, THEY are the master of their mind.

They understand that THEY control their thoughts.

No one else.

Only them.

And not only do they take responsibility for their thoughts, they USE their thoughts to give them what we perceive is a magical advantage.

But it's not magic. They have merely harnessed the power of their minds.

They have simply realized that THEY are the masters of their minds.

But here’s the thing:

So are you and I.

It’s true.

We have so much power over our own success when we understand that NOBODY controls what goes on in OUR minds except US.

Yes, our thoughts have been influenced by many things over the years, but ultimately, WE control which thoughts we allow to take up precious space in our minds.

I'ma repeat that:

WE control which thoughts we allow to take up precious space in our minds.

THAT, I truly believe, is what allows some people to seem to achieve so effortlessly.

Once we truly grasp this concept, it changes our success in every aspect of our lives.

Once we truly grasp this concept, we realize just how much control we have over OUR EXPERIENCE of our lives.

Once we truly grasp this concept, we begin to understand that WE are the ones who get to choose which thoughts we focus our energy on.

We also begin to identify which thoughts are undermining our progress and happiness, and we get to choose how much of our energy we give to those thoughts. (Or not)

That, right there, is where the power lies.

That, right there, is the “magic” tool… which really isn’t magic after all!

Of course, we don’t always get to choose what happens in our lives, but when it comes to our minds, WE hold the power to our success.

Have you ever heard the saying “The body achieves what the mind believes?” There is so much truth in this statement. Because when we GENUINELY believe we can accomplish something, we are very likely to do just that.

But the opposite is also true- When we do NOT believe in our abilities, we set ourselves up for a much bigger fight to the finish.

Understanding this, it becomes clear just how much power our thoughts have, and as a result, how much power WE have over our lives.

Little ol’ you and me!

How cool is THAT?!

I know, it’s easy to get behind this concept when we’re feeling on top of the world. But what about when those doubtful thoughts do creep in?

I really hope you will just sit with this idea. Really let it settle into your bones until you FEEL it’s truth:

The "secret" to success is knowing that YOU are the master of your mind.


YOU are the ONLY one who gets to choose what deserves space in your beautiful mind. And what doesn’t.

THAT, my friend, is where our power lies. Right here in our powerful, limitless minds.

Xx Jen

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