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Finding Your Power

My friend,

Your magic, your purpose and your power are already inside you… in complete perfection.

It's true - We already have what it takes to live our dreams.

It’s been there all along, waiting patiently for us to remember.

But over the course of our lives, so much crap has built up around our sense of who we are, that we’ve lost touch with the depth of our true power.

Much of this “crap buildup” is the result of outside pressures, both spoken and subtly implied. It takes the form of the expectations of others, comparisons leading to self-doubt, and life experiences that have caused us deep pain, among many other sources.

While these influences are inevitable in life, the problem arises when we identify with them to the point where those influences feel like “us,” so much so that at times, not only do we feel powerless, we aren’t even sure who “we” are anymore.

Here’s what I want you to know:

We’ve all experienced this at one point (or many points.) It’s part of life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But the exciting part in this realization is that we now see that our power is not weak or gone, it’s merely blocked.

And in understanding this, we finally see that we have what it takes to live our truth.

How powerful is that?!

There is nothing we need to BECOME. We already ARE all we need to be!

Sure, there are many things we need to learn, but our true power, our true talents and gifts are already complete inside us. Even when they’ve become so buried beneath the crap that we can’t see them anymore.

Our power is always there. Our TRUE strength and identity, untouched by the opinions of others, unaffected by our feelings of inadequacy, untainted by life’s traumas – it’s still there. It always has been.

One of my favorite stories is of Michaelangelo’s response when asked how he created his statue of David. His response was this:

“It’s easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

In Michaelangelo’s brilliant mind, David was already inside the block, just waiting to be revealed.

We are no different.

To get back to our true identity, our natural gifts and power, we don't need to become something different, we simply need to chip away what isn’t US.

While it may not be “easy,” it IS possible. And it’s much simpler and fulfilling than trying to turn ourselves into something we’re not, to live up to meaningless external expectations that don’t feel right to US.

What’s one thing you can chip away from your life today? One thought or habit or object (or person) that doesn’t feel true to YOU? Something that’s blocking some part of the glory and power and truth of who you are?

It doesn’t have to be something monumental. Purging small things can build incredible momentum, allowing us to strengthen our skills for when it comes time to let go of the bigger things that are holding us back.

We’re on this journey together, my friend; I’m right here with you. For me, it’s often one step forward and two steps back.

But this journey back to our true power is likely among the most important work we will ever do, so it’s worth every ounce of effort.

One day at a time, chipping away at everything that is not US. Gradually revealing the beautiful truth of how powerful we are.

And every time we catch even the slightest glimpse of that magnificent power, it propels us that much closer to our most precious dreams.

What an incredible journey. Thank you for taking it with me.

Xx Jen

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