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The Bigger the Setback, the Sweeter the Comeback

“The bigger the setback, the sweeter the comeback.”

I recently shared this quote on my Instagram running account @jenlarun in a post about my year-long recovery from a broken ankle. After I posted it, I couldn’t stop thinking how relevant it is for all of us in life right now.

2020 just keeps throwing punches, and it feels so challenging to remain hopeful sometimes.

But there are gifts in every setback, and knowing this gives me hope. I hope it gives you hope too.

The last two weeks I’ve explored those hidden gifts in the challenges we face- How the times when everything falls apart offer us the opportunity CHOOSE which pieces to pick back up and which to leave behind, and how unexpected changes to our path can lead us to a life more spectacular than anything we could have imagined.

And here’s what I’ve realized-

The further we fall, the higher we rise.

Stronger. Wiser. Deeper. More powerful than we imagined we could be.

Think about it, when we want to get physically stronger, we purposely push our muscles to their limits, creating tiny micro-tears as a result. And it HURTS! But we do this because we know those muscles will heal stronger from the stresses we’re placing them under.

Our spirit is no different. Every challenge we overcome, we grow stronger, more prepared for the next challenge that will surely come. And when it does, we greet it with confidence, knowing we’ve struggled before and overcome.

My dad used to say that the bad times in life are necessary, because without them, we wouldn’t see the beauty in the good times.

Without the dark, we wouldn’t recognize the light.

I’d like to add that without the fall, we might not have had the opportunity to experience our true power.

So in the times when it feels like everything is falling apart, hope can be found in knowing that the comeback will be SO sweet.

And what makes the comeback so sweet? We realize that the strength we needed to get through was inside us all along.

Hang in there, my friend. We’re going to CRUSH the comeback.

Xx Jen

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