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In a funk?

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In a funk?

Oh my gosh I have been lately!

I’m not sure if it’s the time change, hormones or something in the stars! Whatever it is, for the past week or so, I’ve felt like I was wearing a two-ton ape around my neck.

My motivation seemed to fizzle and it’s taken little more than sideways looks from others to reduce me to tears. I’ve wanted to crawl into a quiet space and disappear from the world.

I’ve felt lost, directionless and really freaking sad.

But guess what…

It happens to all of us, and it’s perfectly ok.

It’s about balance.

We all go through phases of growth and expansion, goal setting and dreaming, and then we pull back into ourselves to recharge.

These “funks” are simply our bodies, our spirits, our Selves telling us it’s time for a recharge - Time to reconnect with ourselves and what matters most to us. Time to check in with ourselves to make sure that the way we’re living is true to who we are.

No, it’s no fun when the funks hit, but I’ve learned something very powerful about these funks – If we can see them with gratitude instead of fear, we will see the gifts these times bring.

The funks are a (sometimes no-so-)gentle reminder that we exist in here, not out there. Reminders that WE know what’s right for us. Reminders that WE matter. Reminders that OUR experience of life trumps the expectations of others or the influences that we feel in our daily lives.

The funks are, in their truest sense, an alert to course-correct when we get caught up in the flow of the outside world and have strayed from our OWN truth.

Growing up, when these funks would hit, I remember thinking there was something fundamentally broken inside me. I remember each time, fearing I would feel this sense of sadness and lack of direction and motivation forever. I worried that if anyone ever saw me in this condition, I’d be judged and abandoned, destined to spend my life alone.

But having weathered many of these periods, I can now see them much more clearly in retrospect.

You see, every time I’ve been “in a funk,” there’s been a reason.

Now I know to seek that reason and make the most of the “funk,” rather than judging and beating myself up for not “having it all together” like everyone else does…

(Spoiler alert – they don’t.)

So the next time you find yourself in a funk, consider looking at it through a different lens.

Does it suck? Yes.

Is it fun? No.

But could there be something your body, your mind, your SOUL is using this "funk" to force you to slow down long enough to hear?

In my experience, the deeper the funk, the more powerful the message, and inevitably, the more beautiful the growth.

It’s a balance –

We go out there, chase our dreams, step out of our comfort zones and push our limits…

…then come home to ourSelves, re-connect, re-center and re-evaluate if everything we’ve been focusing on resonates with our Truth…

…and then we get back out there and keep dreaming, keep growing, keep living.

People ask me how I continue moving forward even during these periods of “funk.” What’s my trick?

My “trick” is twofold:

  1. Gratitude (instead of fear) for the message the “funk” has brought, and

  2. Remembering that I am worthy of receiving that message, and determined to use it to grow.

In my humble opinion, these “funks” are gifts. Flashing neon lights telling us to SLOW DOWN, take care of ourselves and make sure that everything we’re pouring our energy into truly matters to US.

Sending you huge hugs.

Xx Jen

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