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Together AparT - A Silver Lining

I often blog about challenges I’m personally facing, knowing that if I’m dealing with something, chances are someone else is too. My hope is that my words might provide something helpful to someone who needs support, or at the very least allow them to know they’re not alone.

But this time it’s different. It’s not just me and a few others struggling with something; EVERYONE is.

Last week, as COVID-19 began to change everything about our lives, I froze. I couldn't write.

I had absolutely nothing helpful to give. My head was spinning with every thought…

“it’s unfair…”

“why is this happening…”

“what are we going to do for money…”

“how will the kids finish the school year…”

“what if we run out of food…”

I found myself sorting through everything – material and mental and emotional - to decide what I could live without if I had to.

“How much can we lose and still survive?”

Holed up in my house, I felt disconnected and alone.

With social distancing, schools closed, cancelled runs and toilet paper panic, reality felt completely foreign, and I struggled to find any semblance of motivation to do anything besides burn off steam by running and eating all the ice cream in the house.

But toward the end of the week, despite ever-worsening news, I saw something magical happening, and I began to feel the clouds parting a little.

What I saw was this –

As social distancing had forced us apart, everywhere I turned online, people were uniting virtually, coming together while apart. Sharing their fears and their moments of joy with honesty and vulnerability. Supporting and lifting each other up and offering help as they were able.

There was a shared respect for the fact that we are all feeling the exact same things - That we are all scared and confused and hazy and anxious.

There was a deep understanding that this virus doesn’t care about income levels, political affiliations, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any of the other things that often cause separation. There was a profound realization that we are all equally vulnerable.

That we are all equal, period.

In times like these, it sounds cliché, and maybe even a little overly simplistic to say we should look for a silver lining, but if there is one, it just might be this.

We are all scared. We are all confused. We are all trying to stay positive and strong. And we are all in this together.

I find that so incredibly comforting, and so incredibly beautiful.

That something so terrible can allow us to see how very much alike we truly are.

I have faith that this is exactly how we will get through this - Together.

And we will come out the other side with the precious gift of truly understanding that we are one.

All my love,


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